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TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

At Mountain Star Roofing Systems we want to be your choice for TPO and PVC in the region. As your TPO Contractor, we will install the TPO and PVC to your existing roof and match the materials to each project we complete. 

The Process:

TPO stands for Thermal Plastic Polyolefin and it is the leading reflective, energy efficient roofing system in the country. The local trend in the Southwest is to offer TPO in a traditional “white” color. Other colors available are grey and tan.

As your commercial TPO company, we will ensure that the synthetic substances that are applied will be properly installed. This process occurs when we soften and heat  the TPO, and let it harden on completion. The TPO membranes create a single-ply membrane coating and can be installed using a variety of methods. These include mechanical attachment, point-affixed and fully adhered. 

Regardless of the type of roof membranes that you have, we will be able to work with the square footage for each project and ensure that the roof is installed according to your standards and budget.

The Product – TPO Roofing Systems:

TPO is the roofing membrane recognized for having the benefits of EPDM and PVC systems and is very economical. The TPO roofing membranes are white and are reflective to the sun’s uv-rays making them the number one choice for reducing energy costs. Since the TPO roofing systems are Energy Star rated, many commercial clients choose TPO for their roofing system. In addition, TPO is made out of recyclable material which makes it an environmentally safe system. Finally, TPO systems are highly durable resisting dirt, debris build up and bacteria which make them highly resistant to tears, punctures and damage. 

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PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC roofing systems have been used in the United States over the past 70 years. This was an initial response to the oil crisis in the world and the use of fossil fuels in manufacturing. Through science, various plastics were placed into the PVC membrane to create a highly flexible and pliable material that could be used for commercial roofing applications. 

Today, PVC roofing membranes are very versatile, resistant to various chemicals and recommended for roof-over projects across the Southwest. PVC roofing systems are available in a variety of colors, styles, widths, and thicknesses to accommodate any roofing project. 

If you are choosing to have a limited environmental impact by using fewer fossil fuels in the manufacturing process, the PVC roofing systems would be a good fit per square foot. The PVC roofing materials have highly reflective uv-rays making the roofing membranes an energy efficient option for the desert Southwest. 

Mountain Star Roofing Systems – Commercial TPO Company:

At Mountain Star Roofing Systems, we want to be your top commercial TPO installer. Our team of professional installers has been installing roofing systems in the Southwest over the past ten years and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Whether you have a flat roof, or one that has many curves and edges, we seek to be your number one commercial TPO installer.

The beauty of utilizing the TPO roofing system is that it has a reflective property which deflects the sun’s harmful uv rays thus providing an energy efficient commercial roofing system. Since not all roofing companies are the same, it’s important to choose professionals as your roofing contractors.

TPO is the fastest growing commercial roofing system in the market. It also has an application for the residential market depending on the needs of the homeowner.

Throughout the roofing industry, TPO has gained broad support due to its use of insulation and its ability to be heat welded providing unparalleled strength and durability. Because of the increase in climates across the Southwest, TPO is gaining in notoriety where cooling costs significantly outweigh heating costs.

Whether you choose the TPO roofing system or the PVC roofing system, the Professionals at Mountain Star Roofing will inspect, install, and perfect your next roofing solution. 

With the correct installation and professional team, TPO has proven to reduce energy costs across the industry. For the TPO installation, we use Firestone, and Carlisle systems. Because we use the best products in the market, we stand by our guarantee 100%.

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