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Wind Damage Roofing Services

In the Southwest we are subject to many adverse conditions due to high winds, intense sun and occasional water damage. At Mountain Star Roofing Systems,  we are the regional experts when it comes to identifying roof damage, and damaged areas and will work efficiently and professionally to protect your home or business from wind damage as we move into the windy season.

At Mountain Star Roofing System,  we provide the most comprehensive installation services in the El Paso Texas region. We focus on being your number one El Paso roofer providing complete roofing repair and installation services. In addition, we provide complete Emergency Wind damage repairs in the Southwest.

If you are in need of any roofing repairs in El Paso or Southern New Mexico, the team of Certified Professionals at Mountain Star Roofing systems will be able to install a complete system at your home or business!


  • Year over year, we have achieved the A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. This shows our commitment to transparency and offering our clients the very best in Professional service and unquestioned Customer Service.
  • All the Staff at Mountain Star Roofing Systems are Bonded and Certified. We are seeking new ways to improve efficiency and stay current with local, regional, and national trends.
  • We provide a Lifetime Warranty on our roofing systems. Some roofers offer limited time warranties, or 10 year warranties. Because we value each and every customer, we stand by our workmanship and offer a Lifetime Warranty. This provides a sense of security and peace of mind for each home owner and business owner.
  • No job is too small.

Understanding Roof Damage: 

At Mountain Star Roofing Systems, we take our roofing repairs and installation seriously. As your premier roofer in El Paso, we want each client to understand the implications of wind damage in the area. We want to be your preferred wind damage roofer in the El Paso/Las Cruces region.

There are many types of damage that occur due to high winds.

They include:

  • Roof Leaks
  • Lifting Shingles
  • Missing Shingles
  • Curling Shingles
  • Torn Shingles
  • Gutter Damage
  • Chimney flashings
  • Tile Damage
  • Flat Roof Damage

High winds can cause damage to your roof, even without hail or other harmful weather. At Mountain Star Roofing Systems, we will inspect your roof and document any damage. This is an inspection prior to any work being done.

Shingles roofs especially take a beating during high winds, despite most being rated to withstand 90 mph winds. Wind damage to your roof can begin at around 50 mph, so you should know how to check your roof for such damage. This type of storm damage can also occur to shingle roofs at 40 mph due to strong winds. For each roof there are stress points on each roof. This is important to know for each home and our Professional team can help you identify those areas.

What Is Wind Damage?

High winds do not hit your roof evenly across the surface. The corners, the edges of the roof, and the ridge line are especially susceptible to damage from high winds.

The wind can get under a corner or small piece of the shingle and curl it, or rip it off completely. This can leave your roof exposed in those areas, leading to leaks.

Another danger of high winds to your roof is “lifting.” While the shingles may look intact from the ground, high winds coming up over a roof can create a suction effect and “lift” the shingles upwards, loosening the nails which are holding them down.

When the shingles lift, the sealant between each layer can be broken, leading to leaks.

Additionally, high winds can blow debris around and cause trees and limbs to fall on your roof. Falling tree branches can puncture the roof, or destroy your shingles, so be sure to cut down any trees which are overhanging your roof before any storms or high winds hit.

The debris that is blown around by the wind (branches, garbage, deck furniture, lawn decorations, etc.) can often be more damaging to your roof than the wind itself.

At Mountain Star Roofing Systems, we are dedicated to getting your roof repairs done right the first time. Whether you require a partial roof replacement or just a few shingles or tiles, we are your local professional roofing company.

If you have any of these issues occuring on your home or business. Give us a call for a complimentary consultation today. Service call fees and service minimum may apply.  We will help you with preparing an insurance claim, filing a claim and advocate for you with your homeowners insurance or insurance claim.

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